Q. How long until my pool can be installed?
A. To expedite your swimming pool installation, we use a qualified building surveryor to certify your application to ensure that they are approved by your local council within 10 working days.

In most cases, we can install your pool 3 weeks from the time of signing to day of installation.
Q. Following installation, how soon can we swim?
A. Most pools are installed and ready to swim in within 7 working days.

We start with excavating and lifting the pool into place generally on the same day. Next plumbing is also within 1 – 2 days of installation and finally a handover is done within 7 working days and you are ready to swim.
Q. How close to my boundary fences and house wall can I go?
A. The general rule of thumb is your swimming pool must be as far away from the boundary as it is deep.For example, a 1.5m deep pool needs to be 1.5m away from any structures.

If space is an issue we can work with engineers to establish if it is possible to install the pool closer.
Q. What sort of warranties come with a swimming pool?
A. We pride ourselves on the build and finish quality of our pools that we manufacture. So much so that we offer a 30 year lifetime structural guarantee. Swimming pool equipment (pumps, filters etc.) are warranted by the manufacturer.
Q. What are the benefits of choosing a fibreglass pool?
A. There are a number of benefits of choosing a fibreglass swimming pool including:
  • A much faster installation process
  • The cost is lower than concrete pools
  • The pool ambient water temperature will be warmer meaning you can swim longer each year without heating
  • A wider variety of colour finishes are available with fibreglass swimming pools
Q. Will I need to test my swimming pool water?
A. Yes, maintaining correct chemical levels and water quality is an important part of swimming pool maintenance and safety. You should regularly test levels of the following:
  • pH
  • Chlorine
  • Total alkalinity
  • Calcium Hardness
We also recommend that you have a sample of your pool water professionally tested by your local pool shop every 4-6 weeks during the months you are swimming.
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