heating swimming pool perthTake the chill off the water as the weather cools and extend the swimming season this year by heating your swimming pool!

WA Fibreglass can advise you on heating options available and when buying a fibreglass swimming pool. It is important to consider heating when buying a swimming pool as additional piping and plumbing to the pool is required making it a lot more costly and difficult to do once the pool is in the ground.


Solar heating is a great way to increase the water temperature without ongoing heating bills. Cool water is pumped from your pool through solar tubing installed on your roof to be heated by the sun before being returned to the pool several degrees warmer. Many of our customers have commented that solar heating allows them to swim in their pool for 2-3 months longer that a non-heated swimming pool.

Gas heating is another option that can be switched on and off as required in order to reduce ongoing heating costs. Many of the gas heaters used today are very efficient at heating swimming pools, allowing you to swim all year round.

Finally, don't forget your solar blanket! Keeping the blanket on your pool will capture heat from the sun and keep the water below warmer for longer. All new pools are required by law to be supplied with a solar blanket, so if you have an older pool and need a blanket then get in touch and we will help.

If you are looking for a way to heat your fibreglass swimming pool perth, then contact WA Fibreglass Pools today.