1 plunge 1Plunge Pools Perth is one of the most often search phrases on our website and we've responded by adding small swimming pools (or courtyard pools) to fit in space limited yards.

Gone are the days of sprawling quarter acre back yards and with it so too has the luxury of a large fibreglass swimming pool set in a huge lawned and landscaped area. Today, home owners are seeking small swimming pools to fit in narrow spaces and corners while still looking inviting and stylish.

If you are looking for a plunge pool, small swimming pool or courtyard pool, the Splash is perfect for those with limited space or for the owner that wants a low maintenance, plunge pool to cool off in and provide a stylish outdoor focal point.  The Splash is built with strength, functionality and relaxation in mind and designed for the host that likes to entertain, with two superior configurations.  The Splash is 3m x 2.25m, so while it is definitely a small swimming pool, it is still large enough to relax and unwind in! If you are looking for something a little bigger, then you could check out the Splash's bigger sister - The Plunge.

For more information on The Splash, check out the details in our Pool Range or visit our display centre.