Sunline LED pool lights are one of the most advanced, high performing and user friendly lighting systems available for swimming pools. They combine many unique features that result in a dazzling, dependable lighting system that’s user friendly and aesthetically pleasing. Sunline LED pool lights have a lower operating temperature than incandescent or halogen bulbs which has the advantage of less condensation forming on the lens and other lighting components. It also makes them more durable as the hotter temperature LED Swimming pool lights, produced by incandescent or halogen bulbs. Can cause seals and fixtures to deteriorate faster, this can cause leakages and ultimately lamp failure. They are powered by a 12V AC transformer, making them very safe to use underwater. In the unlikely a event that water leakage occurs onto the conductors, the low voltage ensures that nobody is at risk of electrical shock. Sunline LED pool lights can be operated by remote control as an optional extra, so there is no need to turn switches on and off



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