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4 reasons why you should buy a WA Fibreglass Pool

A scorching summer is as Australian as budgie smugglers, thongs and a game of backyard cricket. 

If you’re looking at a new backyard pool to cool your jets, then you’ve no doubt realised there is a lot of choice out there - visit any display centre and you’ll see what we mean. 

When it comes to below-ground pools though, it usually boils down to concrete or fibreglass. So which do you choose?

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Winter Pool Maintenance

Do you maintain a healthy pool over the cooler months? WA Fibreglass Pools recommend that you maintain your weekly and monthly pool chemistry check even in the cooler months.

At the start of winter, you should follow these steps to kick-start your winter pool maintenance routine:

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Small Swimming Pools Perth

With the average size of backyards shrinking, as developers design estates to squeeze more people into less space, many Perth homeowners are opting for smaller swimming pools.

If you’re like most West Australians with a smaller backyard, you might be pressed for space and wondering if you can fit in a small swimming pool. The great news is that there’s a range of small fibreglass pools available from WA Fibreglass Pools that are affordable and won’t take up your whole backyard.

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WA Fibreglass Pools Wins Gold

In conjunction with Landscapes WA, WA Fibreglass Pools has won gold both locally and nationally (SPASA Awards of Excellence) for Display of the Year. Our new display village took four months to construct and shows off a variety of pools from 4m to 10m in length and 2.25m to 4m in width. We would like to thank Landscapes WA for their help in constructing our amazing new WAFG display village.

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WA Fibreglass Pools – New Website Launch

WA Fibreglass Pools are excited to announce the launch of our new website. In conjunction with local Perth company INCUB8 Web Design, we have created a website that is beautiful as well as functional.

On the site, you can view our entire range of swimming pools in a filterable grid so you can quickly and easily find the pools that suits your requirements. Each ‘pool’ page features pool dimensions and line drawings, descriptions and a contact button so you can find out more about the pools you are interested in.

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