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4 reasons why you should buy a WA Fibreglass Pool

A scorching summer is as Australian as budgie smugglers, thongs and a game of backyard cricket. 

If you’re looking at a new backyard pool to cool your jets, then you’ve no doubt realised there is a lot of choice out there - visit any display centre and you’ll see what we mean. 

When it comes to below-ground pools though, it usually boils down to concrete or fibreglass. So which do you choose?

We’ve taken the plunge and developed our no-fuss guide to help you to choose your new pool.

So, let's dive in.

1. Safer for kids

Since fibreglass pools have a perfectly smooth surface your kids won’t be at risk of cuts on imperfect or rough surfaces - a concrete pool’s finish is only as good as a tradesman’s attention to detail. Additionally, a fibreglass pool is non-porous which means nasty bacteria can’t grow on the fibreglass surface, making it more hygienic and safer for kids.

2. Warmer, naturally

The glass used in fibreglass pools retains heat more effectively than other materials like concrete. This means a warmer pool throughout the day & night just from natural sunlight. You’ll also save money if you do decide to use a pool heater because it will heat up in a fraction of the time compared to concrete pools.

3. Quick installation

Concrete pools require extra groundwork; then there’s concrete mixing; and waiting even longer before it’s completely set and can be used. It could be weeks or even months before a concrete pool is ready to use after construction starts - that’s annoying! Since fibreglass pools are built ready to go, you can save money on installation and build time. With fibreglass pools, it’s a 3 step process:

  • Measure the area 
  • Install the pool (usually within 10 business days)
  • Swim

4. Strong and durable

Fibreglass pools are made of extremely strong glass that is virtually unbreakable. The glass has a high tensile strength which makes it very durable. The pool shell can also flex, which means you don’t need to worry about natural earth movements or the impacts of neighbouring earthworks on your investment.

We love fibreglass pools because they are versatile, affordable and look great. Find out more about our range today. We have pools to suit every backyard and budget so please speak to our friendly staff and find out how we can help you - WA Fibreglass Pools, the Fibreglass Pool Company you can trust!

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