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Alpha Fibreglass Pool Australia

Alpha Fibreglass Pool

5.6m x 2.85m

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In-ground display31 Canham Way, Greenwood (Corner of Hepburn Ave & Wanneroo Rd)

This Mediterranean inspired pool is the perfect companion to any backyard. The classic features are not only beautiful but practical on so many levels. The Alpha has dual seats/swim outs in the deep end and a large step area not just entering but also providing a great seating area. Built to maximise the swimming area. Classic semi-circular step entry.


  • Mediterranean Design
  • Great seated/large step area
  • Dual seats/swim outs at deep end
  • Generous depths up to 1.7m at the deep end

With its beautiful design, the Alpha is the perfect addition to your backyard. 

Length: 5.6m
Width: 2.85m
Depth: 1m - 1.7m

Sizes and shapes are approximate. Dimensions are internal unless otherwise stated.

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